Jitesh Patel

My awards

"I love the passion people have for their work."

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our CEO 'JP' knows how to create the perfect office environment. In that time, he’s gained experience as a business advisor, a financial director, and a commercial director. Most recently, he was a sales director before taking on the position of CEO in the construction and design and build markets. He’s always loved building projects, and has three toolboxes. It hasn't all been success though... At the age of five, while fixing a valve TV set, he did manage to set fire to a front room. Since then, he’s always left the electrics to an expert.

JP’s married with three children and a huge extended family that keep him busy. Yet he has no trouble making time for his friends and family – as he says, the door is always open. When he does find some spare time, he likes to de-stress with some cycling, arts and culture, travelling and most of all skiing.