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Planning an office relocation can be both an exciting and daunting step for any business. It represents a fresh start for your people, as well as an opportunity to align your workplace with your business strategy. For decades, Peldon Rose has been helping businesses like yours to turn workplace dreams into reality.

Abby Laundy, Head of Business Development

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What is office relocation?

An office relocation is the process of moving your business operations from an existing space into a new office building. Often undertaken in response to changing business size, opportunity or needs, an office relocation typically takes place alongside a CAT A or CAT B fit-out.

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Why should you relocate?

Why should you relocate?

There are plenty of reasons why you might choose to relocate your business.

  • Have you outgrown your space, and want to plan for the future?
  • Are you looking for a suitable space to support your hybrid working model?
  • Do you want to move to a location more conducive to your industry or area of work?
  • Are you looking to provide more amenities for your employees and clients?
  • Are you approaching a lease event that has prompted a move?
  • Perhaps you’re amalgamating two or more office spaces?
  • Are you currently in a serviced office, and are ready to move into your own space?
  • Are you looking for a space that better aligns with your ESG goals and responsibilities?

What is the process for an office relocation?

An office relocation follows several key steps, depending on your needs. At Peldon Rose, we tailor these steps to you, but it could follow something like this.

Test fit

Our Workplace Strategy team will gather qualitative and quantitative insights to understand your workplace needs and requirements.

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We’ll work with you to help you find the best space for your requirements.

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Test fit

We’ll use test fits and space plans to optimise the layout of your space.

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Work with you to define the brief and begin planning the office layout.

Previous Brief Next

Scope the design, finalise the technical design and choose finishes.

Previous Design Next

The finalised design goes to site, overseen by our project management team.

Previous Execute Next
Office interior design featuring a wellbeing room with calming colors and comfortable furniture

Furniture consultancy, procurement and installation.

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Provide ongoing office maintenance support and identify ongoing works.

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Office relocation FAQs

I need more space. Is it necessary to relocate?

If you need more space, it's not always necessary to relocate. Our Workplace Strategy team can help you to identify opportunities within your current space to maximise the efficiency of your real estate.

How much does an office relocation cost?

Relocating your people and business is a significant investment. The cost associated with a workplace relocation depends on the project's scope and objectives, and the timeframe within which it needs to be completed. We’ll help you to manage these factors, providing clear information about both costs and work involved.

Should I move to my own space or a serviced office?

The answer to this question depends on your needs and goals. This may be something you know already, or something we can help you uncover. Depending on the level of flexibility, autonomy, or privacy needed, the type of office space suitable for you will be different. Regardless of what kind of workplace you choose, our job is to translate your needs and requirements into a bespoke working environment.

Should I relocate or refurbish instead?

If you're unsure whether an office refurbishment or relocation is right for you, read this article to uncover some of the questions you need to answer to make the right choice for people and business. Still have questions? Contact us below and speak to a member of our team.

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Why choose Peldon Rose for your office relocation?

Relocating your office is more than just an opportunity to redesign your space. It’s a chance to ensure your workplace is doing everything it can toward realising your business and people goals. It plays a vital role in attracting and retaining talent, and offers an environment to reflect your business values and connect on a deeper level with your partners and clients while doing so.

At Peldon Rose, we strive to harness the power of the workplace to the benefit of your business. From start to finish, we work with you to make your office relocation project as uplifting, inspiring and empowering as possible. Building on our strong track record of projects across London, we deliver your new workplace capably and confidently, to a high level of quality, on time and on budget.

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How should you communicate an office relocation to your employees?

How should you communicate an office relocation to your employees?

For your people, moving office locations represents a huge change. Involving employees throughout the journey not only builds support in favour of the move, but also helps to achieve a smooth transition into the new space. Your workplace strategy and change management process should be tailored to your team’s specific needs, on an individual and a group level. We’ll help to uncover what this looks like, whether it’s the appointment of change champions with your business; gathering feedback via questionnaires and surveys; or engagement workshops. We’ll work closely together to develop a bespoke change management programme.

The proactiveness that came from Peldon Rose was a godsend.

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What's next after an office relocation?

Once your new space is complete, we’ll help you to welcome your team to the new space, providing you with the information and tools to use the space appropriately and safely. Communicating how and when to use the new areas of your workplace will help employees to adjust and settle into your new environment. From there, it’s about ensuring that you have appropriate office maintenance in place, as well as a plan for ongoing works.

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