To refurbish or relocate?

That is the question and one of the most important decisions our clients must make when they are looking at their workspace options. Relocating your office can sometimes seem like an easy way to solve problems but it isn’t always the only option. Your space may be able to work harder and smarter, so you may also consider the possibilities of a refurbishment before making the big decision to move offices.

Consider an Office Refurbishment

An office refurbishment is more than updating your furniture and refreshing your colour scheme. The most successful changes come from workplace consultancy and a data-driven approach.

It is almost always possible to make your current space work smarter and harder. By bringing your staff on the journey during the decision making process, you can integrate staff feedback and ideas rather than simply implementing changes the business believes to be the most important. This will help you understand what your space really needs to provide.

We have seen a shift towards intelligent workspaces that respond to the needs of the people using them. As part of our offering, we will look to introduce workplace consultancy when we believe it can add the most value to a client.

Key points for a successful office refurbishment:

/ Designing for functionality

/ Needs vs wants

/ Analysing your business and people

/ Defining your objectives

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Factors involved in an Office Relocation

Office relocation is an exciting but complicated process, so be careful not to assume that moving to a new space will be a quick fix solution. There are lots of different reasons why you might be looking to relocate your office, but your move will be unique to you.

Every office relocation project needs to have a key motivation behind it, the reason that is inspiring you to invest in delivering change to your business. Therefore, you should spend enough time clarifying and understanding what it is that you want to achieve with your project and ensuring you cannot achieve these solutions by redesigning your existing space.

Key points to consider for an office relocation

/ Objectives & KPIs

/ Space requirements

/ Budget

/ Timeframe

/ Staff attraction

/ Office culture

/ Better ways of working

/ People and behaviours

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