The difference between a Cat A and Cat B office fit out


There is a big difference between a Category A and Category B office fit out (Cat A & B for short). These umbrella terms don’t necessarily provide any insight into what’s involved and if you’re embarking on your first office relocation or office refurbishment project, there is a lot of new information to take on board. It’s important to know what you are talking about and what type of office space you might be signing up to. So, what defines Cat A and Cat B fit out?

Shell and core

Taking the building back to ‘shell and core’ means that your building will have no services within the space and will only be the exposed structure of the property.

Cat A office fit out

A Cat A office fit out will usually include installing the essential services of the property, creating a blank, operational space. It is ready for you to move into but it will be exactly that - no individual rooms, furniture or design features. It is your bare bones space, ready to be transformed into a working environment with a Cat B fit out.

Typical features of a Cat A office fit out

Cat B office fit out

A Cat B office fit out is everything that goes into your office space after a Cat A refurbishment have taken place. This stage is how your office space is transformed into a finished, workplace. A Cat B fit out is decided on by your individuals needs as a business and your brand. As the tenant, you will usually be required to manage this process. Sometimes it is possible to complete Cat A and Cat B works concurrently which will save you both time and money.

Typical features of a Cat B office fit out

  • Partitions – walls, doors, rooms and breakout space
  • Tea points and kitchens
  • Furniture
  • Desking and workspaces
  • T, AV and data
  • Graphics and detailing
  • Carpet tiles and flooring
  • Lockers and storage

Conducting a workplace analysis will give you a more informed requirement for your space, based on specific data gathered from your business. This process will ensure the new CAT B office fit out is based on the behaviour of your workforce and meets the objectives of your business.

In the early stages of your relocation project, you should be considering the efficiency of the buildings you are shortlisting. Our in-house mechanical & electrical team can inspect and validate your property to avoid any costly and unnecessary alterations to your office space. This will help you save time and money when you are carrying out your office relocation project.

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