Five benefits of office space planning

Workplace strategy

Workplace analysis and office space planning go hand-in-hand. An office space plan can’t truly be devised without a proper understanding of how a client uses their workspace on a day-to-day basis. Every client uses their space in totally different ways so we understand the importance of getting under the skin of a client to learn exactly how they work and what sort of office layout would not only support but add value to their business. We have pulled together five of the most important benefits of developing office space plans.

Relocating isn’t your only option

Developing new space plans are relevant whether you’re refurbishing or relocating your office. As companies grow and office occupancies increase, space can become too cramped or wasted.
At this stage, some clients feel the pressure to move out of their office when they feel that they’re getting too big for their current space. It is important to consider workplace analysis to help you learn how you could be making better use of your current space instead of simply relocating to a new office. Relocations are expensive and time-consuming so an effective space plan will help your business save time and money.

Plan around your people

To help our team fully understand the DNA of your company, we will take the time to ask your people about what they think their office space needs to have. We make sure everyone’s voice gets heard to ensure that day-to-day operations can run smoothly as well as the larger over-arching dynamic of the office environment.

This way, rather than a complete overhaul of ideas, we can take what’s already good about a company and make it even better. The end results should mean that everyone is behind the idea and feels engaged in the place where they work. It will make them more productive, more creative, and more collaborative.

Allowing for stress-free growth

Workplace strategy is just as much about general business strategy as it is growth. Workplace analysis asks questions about your brand, your clients and what it is you want to achieve. Once we know these important factors, we can plan your office layout so that your space can adapt to growth and inspire the behaviours you are looking for.

We’ve helped clients like Aker Solutions take on the space they’ll need some years down the line and sublet it in the meantime. This kind of strategy gives them less business risk, and more certainty. Effective space planning means that Aker were able to optimise their space for their current operations with the security of knowing they are prepared for the future.

Attracting and retaining talent

Office space planning and workplace consultancy is aimed at making your workplace respond to the needs of your employees to help your company retain and attract the best talent. Top professionals will have certain expectations of their office environment and failure to nurture a strong office culture may mean you miss out on the best individuals.

Companies that focus on encouraging collaboration will need to explore how to incorporate agile working, hot-desking, and communal breakout spaces to use their space to bring people together. If your business has a lot of transient staff and international guests, the front of house areas and private workstations will take priority. Adapting your office space to become synonymous with your brand inspires positive working environments that will make people love working for you.

Focus on finances

Starting at the end and working backwards, through a process of benchmarking, appraisals, and really getting to know your business, we can help you sign off a budget for the whole length of your tenancy. So, no surprises, no emergency spending, just everything laid out clearly in front of you.

Just as we did with Aker Solutions, we worked with Acord who leased part of their office to IUA and created a rentable conference facility within their office space. This intelligent use of space meant they were able to earn revenue from their extra space with the possibility of expanding into the hireable space.

Planning your office layout in relation to workplace analysis will save you money in the long run as your space will represent your business and how the people in your business are working daily. It will also help you retain your best people, attract new talent, and take on the clients you want to work with. This ultimately means that your decisions are underpinned by a long-term strategy rather than knee-jerk reactions.

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