Here’s why you have to attend Sustainability Sprints

Danielle Emery, Head of Marketing Design, Sustainability
Designers collaborating around a space plan and making notes

With our live panel event fast approaching, we’re working hard to crack through the surface of what sustainable design truly means. Our team are getting into the fundamental components of building for the planet’s future and we’re really excited to show you what we’ve learned so far.

Here’s what we’ll present, who the event is for, what you’ll learn and what you can take away from the live discussion.

What’s the challenge/goal?

Our panel will be working together ahead of the event to discuss how to source, design and create a fully sustainable workspace for a theoretical London-based business with 60-100 employees. The end goal is to develop a realistic guide to creating a disruptive and forward-thinking workplace with people and planet at the heart of its design.

To make the task all the more challenging, we’ve added another layer to the scenario in the form of the 15-Minute City. If you work in the built environments sector and haven’t heard of this topic yet or are not sure what it is, we’ve covered this in more detail here. We’ve asked our panel to consider the core principles of this concept and implement them into the Sprint.

How does it work?

The Sprint itself will take place ahead of the live event, at which our panel with present their findings to the audience, who will have the opportunity to discuss and challenge their ideas.
What will you learn at the event?

The event will explore a variety of topics including:

  • What you need to consider to create a completely sustainable workplace How the 15-Minute City concept can benefit our people and planet
  • The problems and roadblocks we need to clear to move further towards being green as an industry
  • Education and information around gaps in industry knowledge and where we can improve and grow.
  • What we can do right now, in the present, to lower our carbon footprint as businesses and individuals and improve our quality of life.

Who should attend?

The event will be insightful for business owners and leaders, facilities and office managers, landlords and property agents who are looking to further understand the makings of a sustainable workplace.

How’s it going so far?

Two weeks ago, we held Stage 1 of the Sprint – Mapping. During the mapping stage we covered a breadth of topics, ideas and challenges that we can build on as we move into the next stages of the Sustainability Sprints.


We found challenges in cost of sustainable materials and in the future needs of the space and adaptability of the building. Other potential challenges could include choosing a location, the current state of play in the industry and how there’s opportunity for both tenants and landlords to improve and enhance their sustainable practices and lower their carbon footprints.


The opportunities identified in the mapping stage were all incredibly positive. From office benefits and improvements like opportunities for the building to serve purpose outside office hours as a flexible space to opportunities for landlords to lead the way on sustainability by creating smart, social, almost 24-hour buildings.


We’ve gathered ideas and inspiration from areas like Farringdon in London and university cities, from furniture takeback and rental schemes, and wider global influences such as new city plans in Paris, France and the Amsterdam doughnut principle.

What happens next?

The team will be meeting for two days ahead of the live panel to distil and define their research and findings to present to the live audience.

We’re really looking forward to discussing our findings with you and hope you’ll be able to join us for what will be a truly unique experience.

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