Peldon Rose Ski Trip 2023 – Les Deux Alpes

Emily Waterston, Project Designer Culture
Snow capped mountain range with groups of trees and houses

The annual ski trip at Peldon Rose has been a tradition for many years, and it's great to see such great numbers come along each year from all corners of the business. There’s a reason our ski trip has remained popular over the years. This trip, however, felt particularly special as our first one since the COVID-19 pandemic and the 10th edition.
We caught up with first timers Caitlin Goble and Emily Waterston to discuss their experience on January’s ski trip and their thoughts on why this trip is so special.

The fun started before even leaving the office as the group of around 30 eagerly received a little goody bag before they set off. It contained everything they’d need for a successful trip; a trip itinerary, a snood, chewing gum, rehydration sachets, a chocolate bar and a shot glass.

Why did you decide to go on the Peldon Rose ski trip?

Emily: I’ve skied a few times but I much prefer skiing in groups, so I jumped at the chance to join the Peldon Rose ski trip. I only joined the business a few months ago, so I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get to know people a bit more.

Caitlin: I've seen photos of previous trips and heard great things, so wanted to get involved! I’ve skied before, but this was my first time on the trip.

What was your first morning on the slopes like?

Emily: After travelling on Thursday and making it to Les Deux Alpes in the early hours of Friday morning, we enjoyed some breakfast at 8am, gathered ski hire and hit the slopes. I had a 1-on-1 lesson before everyone joined together for lunch up the mountain.

Caitlin: The first morning was hectic, but good fun. We all got our equipment and headed up to the slopes, but the wind was pretty intense that first day.

What were the conditions like?

Emily: The weather was amazing all weekend, freezing cold but bright blue skies.

Caitlin: Some of the best conditions I’ve ever skied in! Super cold but plenty of fresh powder and gorgeous sunshine.

What was Après like at the resort?

Emily: Each day we’d regroup in a bar; on day one, our choice was a cosy vibe with fur rugs, mulled wine and firepits. On day two we went to ‘Umbrella Bar’ (which saw some dodgy dance moves and lots of singing to ‘Cotton Eye Joe’).

Caitlin: Après both days was great – such a good atmosphere. It was a great chance to share stories and watch videos from the day.

What was your personal highlight of the trip?

Emily: Definitely the Umbrella Bar!

Caitlin: Getting my speed record in at 42mph!

What do you think is most valuable about the annual ski trip?

Emily: It was an amazing chance for me to get to know people, but also for people to get to know me – and to mix with people in different teams and departments in the business. It’s a trip that’s really reflective of the culture at Peldon Rose!

Caitlin: More than anything, I loved getting to ski with great people. It's not something I take for granted and I know it's a huge privilege being able to go, so I’m super thankful to have had the opportunity.

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