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An office to fuel growth for the Park Garage Group PLC

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The Park Garage Group PLC is a family run business and a well-known forecourt name in the UK. Its stores can be found across the country supplying petrol, food and drink, and car wash facilities. When it decided it was time to switch up its office space to align with the company’s prowess and vision, it brought Peldon Rose along for the metaphorical drive.

The Peldon Rose SME team were tasked with a full Cat A and Cat B fit out of the ground and lower floors of a 3,000 sq ft space in Croydon, South London. With 12 permanent office employees and multiple sales personnel infrequently dropping in from the road, the space needed to accommodate a fluctuating level of occupancy and offer a place of focus and collaboration for the entire Park Garage Group team to call base.

The finished design is sleek and luxurious; small but mighty. It spotlights the familial legacy of the Park Garage Group, and the company’s journey to success throughout the years.

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Chic office interior design showcasing elegant decor, ergonomic furniture, and a cozy ambiance in a professional meeting room

The ground floor reception and kitchen area

Upon entrance into the building, the reception area is bright. White vinyl flooring, neutral walls, and troughs filled with biophilia lighten the ambience, while brown leather banquette seating and dark storage cabinets create a suave automobile interior; a clever nod to the company’s operations.

A branded glass partition wall behind the reception desk provides a glimpse of the open-plan tea point beyond. Here, marble countertops, bold glass pendant lighting, and panelled wooden cupboards predominate. Opposite the kitchen is an extensive feature wall documenting the Park Garage Group’s historical trajectory, and to its left is a kitchen table for colleagues to congregate around. Exposed mechanical and engineering services, natural light from the street-level windows, and scattered biophilia, all operate to open the floorplate out.

The board room shares many of these design features, and benefits from a bank of peripheral bench seating in addition to the central board table. This is to ensure the room can accommodate all The Park Garage Group employees when the office is at full capacity.

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Office space with employees laughing at a stylish table and chairs, with lots of interior plants and exposed mechanical and electrical services
View gallery Office planting integrated into leather banquette seating
View gallery Planting in an interior office design, integrated into leather banquette seating and bespoke pale oak joinery wall

The lower ground floor

The lower ground floor is comprised of two executive offices, and a central open-plan working space. The desking in both enjoys wireless charging, while electric blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows ensure laptop screen views are unobstructed, and temperatures can be controlled naturally in the summer.

Each executive office is smart, sophisticated, and personal. Large windows and pale grey furnishings bring light into the space, an important consideration when designing for health and wellbeing. Small traditional Indian mandirs can be found in the corner of each room, and feature photographs of the owners’ grandparents.

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A spacious office with desks and computers, showcasing modern workplace design in a large room with exposed mechanical and electrical services and a bright aesthetic
View gallery Office interior design showcasing breakout seating and a bespoke drinks cabinet inspired by the motor industry and red bull
View gallery Office interior design showcasing a teapoint with black marble countertops, breakfast stools and high, bright ceilings

Structural supremacy in the basement

Corian finishes and full-body dryers characterise the bathrooms. Outside these washrooms are lockers for employees to store their belongings, facilitative of an active commute. Finally, curved plasterboard walls showcase how the structural decisions and delivery of the design team went the extra mile for the Park Garage Group.

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Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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