Head of Landlord

Kevin Wither

"There is nothing more satisfying than giving an asset a new lease of life."

Kev heads up the dedicated Landlord team at Peldon Rose, growing their reputation within the London commercial real estate market. The team curates beautiful designs, helping to bring the best offering for landlords including ready-to-work and Category A+ spaces. Kev is inspired and motivated by the uniqueness of our offering and opportunities to bring old, dilapidated buildings back to life and prepare them for their next step in their usage.

Kev’s hobbies and passions are his family, his kids and golf! For him, it’s a wonderful way to get outdoors and experience the thrill of putting yourself under the pressure to succeed, with the control of the outcome sitting with him. He also loved cycling when growing up and in his early years living in London and is aspiring to get back into it.