What is Cat A+?

At Peldon Rose we have coined the phrase “Ready-to-Work” but whatever you call it, the latest movement in Design and Build commonly known as Cat A+ works is not to be ignored. But what is Cat A+? And how does it differ to the better-known Cat A or Cat B projects Office Design and Build firms are famous for?

Cat A

A Category A project typically involves taking an empty building from “shell & core”, which is the exposed shell of the building, to an operational space. A Cat A project will leave the building empty but with functioning lighting, heating, fire alarms, suspended ceilings and more.

Cat B

The better-known Category B projects take a Cat A completed space and introduces partitions, tea points, furniture, storage, branding and so on. Cat B is what we would call an office design and fit out for the tenant of a building and makes a bespoke environment based on research from workplace consultancy that is proven to improve the wellbeing of staff and workplace culture.

Cat A+

Category A+ is the clever offering for forward thinking landlords. Once complete, a Cat A+ project features a full Cat A refurbishment followed by a soft Cat B fit out. The finished project is what we are calling the self-explanatory “Ready to Work” scheme. An attractive proposition for tenants who can essentially “plug in and play”, adding their own touches after. We are seeing a substantial rise in the popularity of Ready to Work schemes and for good reason. Peldon Rose have a proud and growing stake in producing these environments, pulling in years of experience and inspiration from the surrounding area that takes an empty office building to a highly sought after “hot spot” for businesses.

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