Achieving 3* Best Companies status for three consecutive years – How did we do it?

Josephine de Klerk, People & Talent Manager Culture, Wellbeing, In the press

In February we received a three-star Best Companies status for the third consecutive year and, at The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For awards ceremony, we leapt up the rankings in the Small Companies category to be placed 42nd (up 44 places on 2019) of the 747 entries.

How did we celebrate our engagement success?

Our 110 strong team came together on Best Companies Day (Friday 28 February 2020) in our gold SKA-rated office, to celebrate our achievement in style. We kicked off the morning welcoming employees with personalised Chilly’s bottles, which are convenient and reusable and will support our workforce in reducing their plastic consumption. Breakfast was provided; a bespoke smoothie menu created and served up by our senior leadership team.

We had lunch together too, with a pizza delivery in ‘the heart of our home’, a kitchen and dining area that’s situated at the ground floor reception. In the evening, local mixologists from The Alchemist, joined us with a dazzling menu of cocktails and mocktails and the team celebrated into the night, making the most of our homemade photo booth and lots of board games.

Who is Peldon Rose?

We pride ourselves on being culture experts, with the ability to provide workplace consultancy. This means we understand the importance of culture and how the office environment supports employee engagement and productivity. We’re so much more than an office design and build contractor.

The value of employee engagement

Reflecting on the results, we’re extremely proud of what the data has told us about our business – 2019 was clearly a great year for our team and we have gained some valuable insights.

98% of staff believe they can make a valuable contribution to the success of the organisation 

Privately owned, with 33 years of expertise, we pride ourselves on our family-oriented culture and core values. Everyone at Peldon Rose is a valued member of a wider team and it shows. Nearly everyone feels they contribute to the success of Peldon Rose and they’re right! We host weekly all hands meetings and monthly business forums to allow two-way feedback between the business and the senior leadership team, and of course the important forum for the cascade of business priorities and information.

At the beginning of each financial year, we host ‘Kick Off’, which lays the foundations for the year ahead, provides important motivation and celebrates the achievements of the year just gone. It’s a milestone in our year, right up there with the annual Christmas party! 

Due to current circumstances, we’ve had to push it back this year, but during our regular virtual meetings our team have been talking about how much they’re looking forward to it when we're all back together!

Giving something back  

95% of employees agree that our organisation encourages CSR activities. Every floor of Peldon Rose has recycling bins and battery charging stations, while 70% of our daily waste is now fully recyclable, which has resulted in us becoming the second biggest commercial recycler in Wimbledon. We are learning about, and beginning to achieve, SKA and BREAAM ratings on our projects. These are just some of the many things we are doing to move to a greener, more sustainable future. 

We’re also in the fifth year of our design internship. Each year we work with Nottingham Trent University and employ three interns, providing an engaging intern year for students to obtain and grow their skillset, supporting their final year of studies and the completion of their degree. We’ve even offered full time roles to two students following their graduation.

79% feel they receive a fair deal for the responsibilities they have in their job 

Our team enjoys a highly competitive salary structure. But that’s not all we offer. From free gym access, to drinks and board games on a Friday evening, and our annual staff ski trip in January. We have an in-house team, Peldon Rose Presents (PRP), made up of people from across the business who organise events and activities for us throughout the year. Highlights last year include dragon boat racing and barbecue in the summer, cheese and wine tasting in July, whisky tasting in November, a Hallowe’en BBQ party, indoor cinema club, and loads of Christmas fun in December.

Our engagement and culture strategy creates an environment that’s more than just a place of work, it’s a people-centric environment enabling us to deliver fantastic work for our clients – it’s a family.

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