Peldon Rose announces partnership with Planet Mark

The way we work and the lives we lead have the power to effect positive change on the planet and the communities we live in. There’s no time to waste, and in the face of the climate crisis and growing social issues it’s important to take action. Not only that, there are also clear links between robust ESG policies and financial performance in business. At Peldon Rose, we’re pleased to announce our commitment to the future of our colleagues, clients, and community by partnering with Planet Mark to realise our ESG ambitions.

Peldon Rose and Planet Mark

Planet Mark work with organisations to empower their people to halt the climate crisis while improving society. Together, we’re excited to shape Peldon Rose’s ESG strategy and hold our practices to account via formal carbon and social value certification.

However, Planet Mark go beyond simple certification. Their bespoke ESG strategies embed purpose in an organisation’s sustainability goals, creating pathways to help achieve these. Understanding that the power to change lies in the hands of our people, Planet Mark will work with us closely to share how each of us as individuals, and as a team, can make a worthwhile and lasting difference.

Who are Planet Mark?

Planet Mark have offered sustainability certification for every type of organisation since their launch in 2013, and have extensive experience in the UK construction industry and built environment, working with businesses such as MediaCom and Mount Anvil. Planet Mark members follow a robust three-step process: measuring their impact, engaging everyone in the business, and communicating their progress. Members must reduce their carbon footprint by at least 2.5% every year, however targeting an annual reduction of 5% is encouraged. On average, certified businesses make a 28% carbon saving per employee through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel, and procurement. Through its certifications, Planet Mark brings together the best of People, Technology and Nature.

The certifications we're striving for at Peldon Rose

We’re working with Planet Mark for the long term. Initially measuring our carbon and social value allows us to set the benchmark for what we want to achieve next. Then, working together to create a tailored ESG strategy, we will set out a three-year action plan. This plan has annual check-ins to ensure our progress is on track, and highlights any adjustments needed to ensure that our strategy is delivering against our objectives.

The three-step process of Planet Mark's programme

Planet Mark’s three-step process enables organisations of all sizes to positively transform society and consists of the following:

Measure – To assess improvement, performance must first be effectively measured and evaluated. We can then refine our strategy and communicate this with confidence to our people.

Engage – We know our people are key to driving change. Planet Mark help organisations engage their employees to unlock passion and champion change, motivating positive adjustments to behaviour, and helping us to take ownership of solutions with a series of toolkits and educational workshops.

Communicate – Planet Mark’s easily recognised symbol validates brands’ endeavours towards sustainability and bolsters reputational integrity. More than this, though, is the power of talking about success in sustainability. We can influence others to take action to improve their sustainability stance, and Planet Mark provide the tools and support to help organisations start the conversation.

What's next for Peldon Rose's ESG ambitions?

We’re very excited to be working with Planet Mark, but we know that the hard work starts now. We’re ready to mobilise our team, plan for the future, and embark on a journey of learning and change. Stay tuned for more!

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