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Valuing ESG for GIB Asset Management

  • 12,150 sq ft
  • Mayfair
  • Design & Build

Established in 1975, GIB Asset Management (GIB AM) is a sustainable asset manager that seeks to mobilise and scale capital in support of a more sustainable world. With operations in both London and New York, GIB AM manages approximately $12bn of assets for investors across international jurisdictions. As well as its Asset Management services, GIB AM also provides Treasury services to a set of globally renowned institutional clients.

Valuing environmental responsibility, staff wellbeing and disability inclusion, the leadership at GIB AM challenged Peldon Rose to design a workplace representative of these values, designed for a London-centric workforce, whilst acknowledging the Middle Eastern heritage of the company.

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An impactful first impression

A key objective for the client was to create an impactful area for clients, colleagues and visitors. Understanding that the workplace reception would operate as a multi-functional space to host meetings, greet clients and entertain high-profile guests often from overseas, the space needed to be flexible and well-resourced. We created a front of house meeting suite that can be opened for client events, with catering facilities to service it effectively.

The high-quality finishes and careful attention to detail installed is maintained throughout the workspace, featuring opulent lighting and geometric designs. Employee wellbeing was the client’s top priority, and staff workstations were carefully positioned in locations where access to natural light would be available, creating an atmosphere to appropriately support the team’s health and wellbeing.

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A space plan that looks towards the future

Restricted by the rigidity of their former premise, GIB AM sought an office layout that offered flexibility, inclusivity, and a means to accommodate a growing team. Moving away from the idea of cellular cubicles and fixed workstations, we built flexible spaces to conduct client or team meetings, one-to-one catch-ups as well as private and confidential phone calls without compromising on capacity.

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An ode to the Middle East

Inspired by the geography of the Middle East, a central ‘island’ formed a focal point in the plan. Design features to emulate rolling sand dunes, as well as the rocky coastline, the central island plays host to alternative work settings and wellness areas such as touchdown zones, a wellness room and quiet work booths.

To complement the transition from a static set-up to an agile based working model, provision was made for secure colleague lockers, designed with bold, accented colours to integrate this practical feature with the overarching vision for statement design.

An oasis in the workplace, the colleague breakout space features a rich palette of vibrant turquoise, purples and warm coppers. To enable social interaction between colleagues, a melange of communal tables, booth seating and high tables offers colleagues the flexibility to congregate in the space throughout the working day.

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A vision for a better world

A pledge to create a space that’s accessible and inclusive for all underpinned the process. A proud member of the Valuable 500 initiative to promote disability inclusion in the workplace, GIB AM is committed to supporting colleagues with disabilities and long-term conditions. To accommodate this, Peldon Rose not only created a DDA accessible workplace, but also added automatic doors throughout and incorporated areas designed to generate a variety of comfortable working environments. We built private areas to encourage focused work designed with calming colours, adapted to be used by those who are susceptible to sensory overload.

Aligning with the client’s sustainability values, we set out to achieve specific accreditation to champion the client’s commitment to the environment. Through sourcing sustainable, natural materials, such as a carpet tile with a 100% recyclable base, by selecting British products where possible, and with careful management of the build process, the workplace was awarded with SKA Gold certification.

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Overcoming obstacles

While the project was secured at the end of 2019, the project delivery was conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the immediate client team residing outside of London, clear communication throughout the process was crucial to the success of the build. Regular progress updates were facilitated via virtual meetings, so while the client was only able to visit the site once, clear and honest transparency throughout ensured that the client had a sound understanding of the works being undertaken and were pleased with the end result.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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