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Turning on the light at MG Empower's new home

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MG Empower is a fully integrated marketing powerhouse that harnesses the power of storytelling to drive next-level results. The agency works with global brands and influencers based across the globe, and turned to us to create a space that showcases impactful work, celebrates its own story and equips its people to write the next chapter.

Relocating to the heart of London’s creative hub, 10–11 Clerkenwell Green is perfect for the ambitious agency. Once a uniform factory during the Second World War, the building’s modern renovation celebrates its history. Glass floors allow all aspects of the architecture to shine through, and the light, airy space is ideal for a company that thrives on creativity and innovation.

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Bringing a portfolio to life

MG Empower prides itself on innovation and impact, and its office needed to showcase its brilliant work from the moment you enter the building. Being able to welcome existing and potential clients into the space was a top priority, as was channelling the team’s unique set of skills through the interior design. To make that impact from the outset, we created a shopfront that features pivoting LED screens to give the brand a powerful and immediate street presence. This outward-facing feature can be easily adapted to suit the needs of any given day and helps the company make its mark on the wider creative industry that occupies its surroundings.

In the entrance hallway leading to the heart of the space, an 85-inch interactive screen displays successful campaigns for clients including Dior, Biossance and Bumble. As you walk down the ‘catwalk’ into the main space, you’re flanked by striking pivoting screens that can be positioned lining the hallway or flat against the wall. A specialist pitch space sits at the centre of the office, allowing potential clients to be in the heart of the action as they weigh up the agency’s credentials and ideas.

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MG Empower’s work is dynamic, and doing it justice in the physical space from a design point of view was always going to be a challenge. By incorporating innovative technology throughout, including virtual reality areas and a catwalk of screens, we were able to showcase its digital capabilities as well as displaying the agency’s core values.

Tash Hewlett, Senior Project Designer, Peldon Rose

Being part of the story

Creating a strong brand experience throughout the design was vital for both MG Empower’s clients and its people. Moving into its own space for the first time, the agency wanted to tell the company’s story while shouting about what lies ahead.

A 7-metre-wide ‘EMPOWER’ sign provides just one of the many ‘Instagram moments’ curated across the space, encouraging its people and visitors to develop and share their own relationship with the brand. Another is an infinity mirror, creating a striking visual experience that embodies the agency’s innovative and bold approach, and breathes life into its promise to send its clients “smashing through the looking glass”.

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It was clear that we would be great creative partners to collaborate with on such an important project. The streetlights in Clerkenwell literally came on as we started imagining all of the design possibilities we could explore with this project. We dreamed big and delivered something exceptional. A new destination space in the heart of London!

Steve Taylor, Project Director, Peldon Rose
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More subtle touches have also been incorporated into the space from a day-to-day perspective. For example, the tea point is modelled around the coffee shop where founder and president Maira Genovese started the agency in 2017. Each glass-fronted meeting room is named after one of the company’s core values, acting as a visual reminder to the team each day. Instead of individual desks, an 11-metre-long table was created which sweeps through the office, with space for up to 30 team members to collaborate.

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Just the first chapter

As well as making its team an integral part of the story, MG Empower wanted to make sure they also feel part of its future. Measures to support wellbeing in the workplace include biophilia and muted colour palettes, which tone down rich branding in focus-driven areas. High-end finishes aren’t reserved for client-centric spaces either but are present throughout the workplace, with elements such as marble worktops creating a luxury, tactile experience that will last.

A diversity of social spaces has also been created, from relaxation areas with soft furniture to a roof terrace where the team can unwind or celebrate client successes. The space is also designed to minimise its environmental impact utilising real oak timber. Overall, MG Empower’s attitude is one that consistently goes above and beyond, and Peldon Rose was able to deliver a workplace that embodies that mentality.

Our new headquarters translates everything MG Empower represents - our values, our innovation, and our mould-breaking attitude. Peldon Rose took our brief on board and was committed to our vision since the beginning, supporting us to find a way to tell our story through architecture and creative. The entire team is excited about what the future holds, and our new physical space now reflects that.

Maira Genovese, Founder & President, MG Empower
Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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