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A calming, ready-to-work sanctuary for The Shaw Foundation

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Landlord, the Shaw Foundation, approached Peldon Rose to design a second ready-to-work space in Hanover Street, famously renowned as an area that offer sophisticated workplaces to a range of occupiers. Having previously worked with the Shaw Foundation to effectively reconfigure a ready-to-work space for an incoming tenant at 52 Conduit Street, nestled between prestigious Mayfair and Soho, this project marked the start of an evolving partnership.

Peldon Rose partnered with property agents Knight Frank to deliver an office that is attractive to tenants in a prestigious but competitive location on Hanover Street, Mayfair. The office design fit out needed to be versatile, and designed in a way that gives the building a sense of belonging and sophistication - truly deserving of this area of London. Situated near one of the most desirable postcodes, Soho offers a trendy, vibrant energy whilst Mayfair is a more formal location perfect for investment companies and international businesses seeking a base.

A high-quality design paired with high-end facilities are non-negotiable, combined with hand selected furniture that can be tailored to any potential occupier. Our expert Landlord team, with their extensive knowledge of ready-to-work office design, were tasked with a fit out of the building's ground and lower ground floors. The end result? A comforting, minimalist workspace with a neutral colour palette that any potential tenant could make their home-away-from-home for prospective tenants, and added value to the lettable space, with injected personality and purpose into a previously characterless office.

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Feature lighting over soft seating and a pink upholstered sofa create a welcoming reception area in a new office design
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Glass walled meeting rooms feed off a small social space and tea point, complete with minimalistic wooden chairs and a coffee table

Creating connection

The welcome area, complete with soft seating, serves as a place to relax and greet guests. Its simplicity allows tenants an opportunity to repurpose the space and make it their own should they need to. A key driver for the project was connecting the lower ground and ground floors to feel like one office space, rather than two unrelated areas. The added challenge was the awkwardly shaped lower ground floor. However, with a tailored design, ensuring connection and collaboration between people were at the heart of the design, the Shaw Foundation are now offering a fully fitted and integrated space back to the market. Although there is a pre-existing staircase, the design team implemented a neutral design that tied the two floors together seamlessly with feature lighting. The area serves as a calming mid-point in the journey through the workspace.

The ground floor remains a client-facing, purpose-driven floor with a variety of meeting rooms, boardrooms and library booths all with capabilities to host online meetings. The boardroom features a sliding door, that can transform the space into a larger and more corporate setting if needed. Informal seating arrangements are situated in between meeting rooms to diversify the space, accompanied by a self-serving coffee point in an angled nook with lounge seating, creating a breakout space for employees and clients to recuperate.

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A kitchen and tea point is home to a large kitchen table and several collaborative meeting booths
View gallery A large minimalistic wooden table and chairs fill a kitchen and office tea point area
View gallery Minimalistic wooden chair with soft orange seat pad in a kitchen with marble backsplash tiles and matte grey counters

A collaborative space designed with people in mind

The lower ground floor acts as the heart of the office, a person-centric area blending open plan desking and collaboration zones that allows people to step away from their desks, either to take a break or work in a different environment. The challenge for the lower ground floor design was ensuring there was enough variety of workspaces for the whole team whilst taking the limited natural light into account. The open-plan space allows the most amount of natural light into the space, semi-partitioned by open wood shelving to give an element of privacy for employees. Nested in the corner is a tea point with a long family-style table, lounge seating and architectural lighting, a perfect environment for employees to eat their lunch together and foster connection.

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Feature lighting with exposed light bulbs hangs over a meeting room table with neutral coloured chairs and glass walls
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Small booth for focused work features soft lighting and a mottled carpet for acoustic excellent

Minimalistic, flexible ready-to-workspace

Both floor plates carry a mid-century aesthetic, with clean neutral finishes, soft green accents and earthy tones to create a calming atmosphere. The project was designed to be as adaptable as possible for incoming tenants, whilst maximising the use of the awkwardly shaped floor plates. A comfortable, ready-to-work space with muted colours and pops of biophilia brings nature into the space to boost employee wellbeing. A subtle, black glass manifestation film added to the windows of meeting rooms adds an element of privacy, meaning that confidential meetings can be held in the office with ease. Furniture was chosen to be both durable and fit for the future. The furniture followed the neutral palette with pops of muted pinks, greens and black detailing.

A long-term partnership with the Shaw Foundation

Peldon Rose are proud of the relationship that has blossomed with the Shaw Foundation over multiple projects. As the Shaw Foundation are based in Hong Kong, our team communicated efficiently and were trusted to deliver a simple neutral workspace that would provide the basic amenities to any potential tenant, with a base for them to add their own personality to the space if they choose to.

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