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Earlier this year we were delighted to announce that Project Designer Zoe Martinez was shortlisted as one of Mix Interior's 2022 30 under 30 cohort. Every year, Mix Interiors celebrates the rising stars of the interior design and architecture industry by selecting 30 individuals who are paving the way in commercial design. We caught up with Zoe to find out what life is like in the world of design and build.

30 under 30 recognition

Honestly, it was amazing to have been recognised, not just by Mix Interiors but Peldon Rose too. I’ve always regarded myself as someone who is consistent rather than ‘leading the way’ in interior design, therefore it has been rewarding to have been put forward for it. There are so many incredibly talented designers at Peldon Rose and in the industry, and I’m excited to have been nominated in the same category as them.

The changing needs of the workplace

The industry itself has seen huge change recently, finally moving at pace and in a direction that it has been trying to do for years. It’s clear that with hybrid working here to stay, we need to ensure a human-centric approach is taken when it comes to workplace design. Gone are the days of high-volume desk areas, it’s about embracing collaborative and social spaces ensuring that time spent in the office is for fostering connection and idea creation.

Challenging our client’s thinking

Our clients are seeing the opportunity to change their way of working for the better and we are here to develop their vision one step further and challenge their thinking. We want to create spaces that are the future of workplace design. For creative leaders Brandpie, we challenged their vision and created a clubhouse that removes any meeting rooms and instead focuses on the employee experience during their time spent in the office. It’s about putting people and their needs at the forefront.

Inspiring future designers

For those looking to get into the design industry, I’d say just go for it! And secondly, don’t be afraid to challenge a client brief - push the boundaries of their vision. Take a human-centric approach, encompassing human needs and wants, offices need to be a destination that people want to come to each day. And finally, never be afraid to test out your ideas and schemes, it could lead to something great!

Find out more from Zoe and her approach to design in her conversation with Amtico here.

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