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The latest office interior design at 14 Aldermanbury Square

  • 3,123 sq ft
  • City of London
  • Landlord
Project team

The second and third floors of 14 Aldermanbury Square have navigated a competitive market and are soon to be let.

Following the successful design and fit out of the iconic building’s second floor, Peldon Rose headed to the third floor and completed a second ready-to-work scheme for the Brewers’ Company. The result of the most recent works is a dynamic space prioritising flexibility and end-user experience. It’s a distinct offering for fiscal businesses in the heart of London’s financial district.

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Spacious London office with open-plan desking, pale wooden floors, and soft-seating for visitors to relax

A people-centric design to evolve the employee experience

Landlords are operating in a fast-evolving sector. Now, it’s outstanding employee experiences and end-user autonomy that help differentiate their value proposition.

At 14 Aldermanbury Square, Peldon Rose prioritised the workplace experience from the outset of the design process. The workplace equips individuals with flexibility and choice in where and how they work through the number of spaces, and types of spaces, available. From open-plan desking to zoom rooms, café seating, and a large ten-person collaboration table in the centre of the floorplate, the workplace is aligned with the agility employees require today to perform their best work.

The building of 14 Aldermanbury Square is fully DDA compliant, and the Peldon Rose design team ensured this was retained on the third floor, with widths of doorways and girths around desks and partitions navigational by wheelchair.

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Flexible design

Multiple work settings, from collaboration tables and open-plan desking, to soft seating and zoom rooms, facilitate agile working and cater to individual needs

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View gallery Elegant meeting room in a London office interior design, with comfortable chairs, a large table, and plants

Wellbeing and comfort considerations within the space started with the procurement of furniture with strong ergonomic properties, then took it further. The team considered factors such as which desk colour will help minimise excess glare from sunlight as it floods through the building’s large windows. Desks are therefore purposefully taupe grey, and not white. Similarly, privacy screens are a smoky grey, with the dual effect of balancing light levels and providing discretion for workstations in client-facing areas.

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Sleek conference room in a London office interior design featuring smoky privacy glass and grey upholstered chairs
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Bringing character and historical charm to London’s financial district

Traditional elements of 14 Aldermanbury Square were brought into the design scheme, to root the workplace in its history. Decorative wall detailing within zoom rooms aligns with the building’s architecture and the cut of the exterior’s Portland stone. The colour palette also draws on the same beiges and copper reds of the Brewers’ Company crest, found mounted on walls and adorning doormats on the building’s ground floor, which the city Guild use as their workplace.

In the new ready-to-work space, these colours transpire in the soft furnishings of the visitor waiting area, and outside the client suite. Here, a lovely, secluded nook is adorned with indoor plants and a set of table and chairs– the perfect space for a quiet catch up.

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The Peldon Rose Landlord team have completed yet another versatile and competitive workplace in the heart of London’s financial district which prioritises end-user experience and brings contemporary relevance to the historical building of 14 Aldermanbury Square.

You can find further information about our specialist Landlord services and the team’s experience by contacting us today.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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