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An office design to empower growth for sustainable seafood start-up, Rooser

  • 3,100 sq ft
  • Camden
  • Commodities
Project team

Rooser reduce seafood waste through the world's first seafood trading platform. Its marketplace connects suppliers and buyers across Europe with the aim of shortening the process from catch to consumer. Having lived in serviced offices in Camden since its conception, Rooser decided it was time to take on its own 3,100 sq ft London HQ at 10 Jamestown Road to cater for an expanding team.

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A bright office teapoint area with breakout tables, exposed ceiling services, and a navy blue manifestation wall with company slogan
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A meeting room with tables and chairs and an orange whiteboard in a sleek office interior design

The power of choice

The new workplace starts by providing multiple pockets of space for different purposes, encouraging employees to take autonomy over their surroundings to suit their needs. Meeting rooms and phone booths, open-plan desking, high collaboration tables, and even a little nook tucked away in a secluded alcove with a desk and integrated AV, ensure the environment offers individuals choice to pair their surroundings with the task at hand. This agility within an interior space has become a staple of office interior design.

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A view of a sleek office interior design with glass walled meeting rooms and modern zoom booths, including wooden flooring and white walls
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Reflecting brand ethos and nurturing a sense of community

Rooser’s new office isn’t about fishing for compliments, even though it receives many. It’s a blend of pragmatism, community and sustainability, subtly reflecting both the office team and the fish factory workers the business liaises with.

Finishes take inspiration from production and factory settings, ranging from yellow brooms hanging on the wall beside projector screens, to ceramic tiling and recycled wire shelves. At first glance, the statement graphic wall next to the office teapoint looks like the simple gradients of a nautical map. Dig deeper, and you learn they’re printed with the inverted flesh of a salmon; a fish referenced in the company’s tagline “Relentless as a Salmon”, then overlayed with the company’s coordinates.

These are my favourite kind of details to integrate into an office, because they’re authentic and meaningful to a client. The idea is that this office is a familiar place that employees and everyone Rooser works with, can see themselves in and call home.

Ashton Holmes, Senior Project Designer
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An image of a modern meeting room and an open plan office, part of a bespoke office interior design with a modern feel
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Rooser’s new workplace is a space for the expanding team to flourish in. From start to finish, the business’ identity and ethos are apparent; from a branded colour scheme, to the smallest of charming seafood details.

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Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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