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Making small spaces work hard at 55 Goswell Road

  • 600 - 950 sq ft
Project team

Nuveen Real Estate is one of the largest investment managers in the world, offering solutions for a range of investors across a broad array of asset classes. They know that bringing a vision to life requires dedication, direction, and attention to detail. These were key elements of the brief given to Peldon Rose when Nuveen Real Estate decided to commission us to refurbish several small units within the building of 55 Goswell Street, a modest, red brick office building situated in the heart of Clerkenwell.

Our Landlord team was asked to position these small spaces as new, ready-for-work offices, which operate as self-serving entities complete with all the necessary amenities of a workplace targeted towards businesses of smaller headcounts, between 10-20 individuals. Nuveen Real Estate also specified each space to have the same general look and feel, and to be easily replicated in other units they own should these free up, to cultivate cohesion throughout the building and appeal to a broad range of sectors and businesses.

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Working with existing structures

Maintaining original mechanical, engineering installations, and flexing this only where necessary to suit new layouts, proved a cost-effective and time efficient design choice. The existing timber floor is another lovely feature retained. After receiving sanding and polishing treatments, the pale wood brightens the overall ambience of the office and matches nicely with the light oak finishes of the new desk banks.

The brick walls are painted white, helping maximise natural light from the paned windows along two sides of the office. The brick finish gives texture to the space and impresses upon occupants a feeling of the outdoors and exposure to the elements, expanding the room. Similarly, the sleek black kitchen counter and sink area matches the exposed mechanical and engineering sprawled across the ceiling. This works with the brick walls to create an impression of minimality and a guise you’re situated in a larger office.

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Small space, big potential

Ranging from 600 sq ft to 950 sq ft, these units are small, yet charming. Shelving was installed in existing nooks, and the creation of a dual function breakfast bar and collaborative work area in the open-plan kitchen illustrates how Peldon Rose’s Landlord team maximised space efficiency. Orange upholstered booth seating, complete with blue dividers for a semblance of privacy are also multi-functional, and can be used as solitary workspaces, quasi-meeting rooms, or somewhere to share coffee and lunch.

At one end of the room is a glass wall distinguishing a small zone from the wider office, used for team meetings or to take calls. The glass ensures the space is as open and light as possible, and there are optional white privacy curtains which act to cordon off the area. These are breezy, and when drawn breathe life and movement into the space.

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Finishing touches to impress and attract tenants

Creating personality in offices which any business can instantly make its own is a nuanced art. At 55 Goswell Road, the white honeycomb pattern painted on the top half of the backsplash kitchen tiles is a fun, eye-catching addition to an otherwise beautifully simple kitchen. Shelves are filled with potted plants and quirky trinkets, and low-hanging feature lighting is littered throughout the office in a variety of modern styles, emphasising the high, exposed ceilings.

Finally, stretching from the booth dividers to the ceiling is a minimalist painting using similar tones of orange and blue to much of the office furniture. Its thin black metal frame integrates seamlessly with the exposed M&E above.

Collaboration was key. The close working relationship between our team and Nuveen Real Estate enabled this multi-space scheme to reach its potential. With all parties working together, Peldon Rose was able to specify and procure all the preferred furniture, ensuring it adhered to space requirements and was logistically sound for the single stairway leading up to the offices. It was a pleasure working with Nuveen Real Estate.

Kevin Wither, Head of Landlord, Peldon Rose

The result of this collaboration? Five appealing office spaces ready for Nuveen Real Estate to market, suitable for small echelons of business to move into immediately, happily situated in the heart of Clerkenwell.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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