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The Silk District: Revived and ready-to-work

  • 3,000 SQ FT
  • Whitechapel
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As Whitechapel experiences a resurgence as an East End heavyweight, many new developments are breathing life into this area. The Silk District is a prime example, with a brand-new community formed in one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods.

Developer Mount Anvil, in conjunction with L&Q and leasing agents Compton, appointed Peldon Rose to create a collection of premium Cat A and ready-to-work spaces that can easily be adapted within the Silk District redevelopment. The projects required a flexible approach that not only harnessed the area’s rich heritage to make an impression on future occupants, but leaves them with space on the canvas to make their mark.

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The image shows a sunny office interior, with glass meeting walls and cool tables and chairs
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The image shows a kitchen with pale blue cabinets, gold fixings, and serene artwork

A-grade Cat A

The design of the 34,800 sq ft Cat A space was inspired by the area’s textile making history. Long lighting strips run through the space to embody the ribbons and silks of the area’s past through modern technology.

Proven sustainability credentials are a top priority and a key asset to Landlords when attracting future tenants. Peldon Rose delivered a space rated BREEAM Excellent allowing Mount Anvil and L&Q to provide a powerful starting point for occupiers who want to build a workplace that supports and protects the environment from its core.

View gallery A small potted plant sits amongst a collection of pretty pottery plant pots, on an office table
View gallery A gold tap set against pale grey backsplash kitchen tiles in an office teapoint

The three ready-to-work schemes

Developing multiple ready-to-work spaces, ranging from 2,000 – 3,500 sq ft, involved balancing attractive, striking design with spaces which still presented opportunities for businesses to make their own.

Peldon Rose again highlighted elements of The Silk District’s history to give the spaces distinct character. A nod to Redd Lyon, one of the first iconic Elizabethan playhouses which once stood in the area, was invoked through key details like the large dramatic mirrors in the bathrooms which bring a sense of aesthetic grandeur.

Colours work with existing aspects of the buildings, and are coordinated with new finishes on the exposed mechanical and electrical services in the ceiling. Greens and other neutrals are offset by the natural light flooding the space through large windows and glass meeting walls, creating a powerful and friendly atmosphere. Indoor office plants were chosen to mimic saplings of the trees surrounding the development, bringing the outdoors in.

The designs are dynamic, with colours and floor finishes flowing with visitors as they move through the space, offering them an intuitive journey towards key areas, for example the tea points or various collaboration zones, complete with booth seating or high tables and stools. Providing multiple options in how and where employees work and rest within the office spaces attends to agile ways of future working. Warmer tones provide an inviting feel upon arrival, but soon give way to a bolder palette in boardrooms and work-focused areas to inspire and motivate. Where some walls have been left blank for occupants to fill with belongings unique to their businesses, others are home to simple, yet striking, artwork which ties in with the colour scheme of the offices.

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The image shows a high table and stools in an office breakout area, with peach coloured walls and wooden flooring
View gallery The image shows a meeting room with blue and orange walls, a large meeting table and chairs, and a large glass door with views of the rest of the office
View gallery Two office zoom rooms with serene artwork and complimenting green and orange coloured walls
View gallery The image shows views of meeting booths in a office, with curved floor detailing and warehouse style design
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While each of the three ready-to-work schemes are distinct, with subtly different palettes, floorplans, and orientations within the redevelopment area, they all share a common design language which can be traced back to the same source. This is a testament to the close collaboration and understanding between Peldon Rose and Mount Anvil, and the seamless working relationship within the Peldon Rose Landlord team itself.

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The image shows soft green banquette seating and laptop tables in an office tea point

Potential unlocked

The Silk District sits in an area of Whitechapel undergoing significant regeneration. Unlocking the potential of both the Cat A and ready-to-work spaces required a flexible approach from Peldon Rose, to bring to life a powerful past, while future-proofing the spaces and empowering prospective businesses to walk in and make them their own.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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