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Offering Unity Group a competitive edge in the real estate market

  • 2,093 sq ft
  • Farringdon
  • Landlord
Project team

Link House offers seven storeys of premium office and retail space in the heart of Farringdon’s tech belt. Peldon Rose’s Landlord team were commissioned by private investment firm, Unity Group, to coordinate work with existing mechanical and electrical services and create a fully-equipped, ready-to-work space on the second floor.

The offering was competitive, and has already been let to global leader in legal finance and risk management, Omni Bridgeway.

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Maximising light flow

Glass walls & windows enable light to filter interrupted through the space, creating a bright, open environment conducive to productive work

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The image shows an employee walking through an office tea point. The space is complete with dark wooden flooring, black kitchen cabinets, and details such as plants and gold serving trays

Designing with comfort and versatility front of mind

The design is summarised as a sleek, fully equipped floorplate with versatility at its core. Aligning with the sustainability ambitions of both Unity Group and Peldon Rose to reuse and repurpose as many features from the existing office as possible was important, and included working alongside the warehouse-style architectural design characterising the rest of the refurbished building.

As such, only a few structural changes to the layout were made. The large existing meeting room and green room space was divided into the main team office and two zoom rooms, with the residual space taken by the open plan to allow for more desking. All of these meeting rooms have fabric ceiling panels to optimise acoustics.

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Employee experience

Adding biophilia to an office not only brightens up the space with pops of colour, it also enhances employee wellbeing

Technical Design

The end results of exposed mechanical & electrical services are higher, expansive ceilings, and a modernised aesthetic

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The image shows an open plan office, with artwork on the walls, linear ceiling lighting, and white walls

A distinct monochromatic feel characterises the office. Many of the furnishings and finishes are black, dark brown or white, with little pops of colour from details like sofa cushions or trinkets on shelves. Having a simple palette like this was useful when positioning the space to a wide array of prospective tenants, and leaves room for future personalisation where desired.

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Optimising acoustics

Fabric ceiling panels absorb excess sound, and create a seamless meeting room experience

Sustainable ambitions

Reusing furniture as shown here is a great way to reduce waste and balance costs

View gallery The image is a detailed shot of green and floral sofa cushions, on a dark leather sofa, with a window behind
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Snapped up in no time

Peldon Rose’s dedicated Landlord team has decades of design experience and are adept at ebbing and flowing with London’s Landlord landscape. It’s fantastic and a testament to our understanding of the market that the second floor of Link House has already been let.

Contemporary lighting at Peldon Rose office

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